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A Blast From the Past

Saturday, May 12th, 2018

promoting healthy workplaces
Vita Rabinowitz []
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Sent: Friday, September 04, 2015 7:39 AM
To: Greggory w Morris
Cc: Vita Rabinowitz []; Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko []

Dear Gregg, if I may,

We have known each other for quite some time, and I was delighted in my new position to be reminded of your enduring commitments—to students, to great journalism, and to causes that matter in the workplace. I see that you had written the Chancellery about your petition to support the New York State Healthy Workplace Bill, and that you are calling for CUNY to be a “leader in promoting healthy workplaces.” From my new position in the Central Office, I am very pleased to assure that CUNY is already a strong advocate for safe workplaces and has put policies, procedures (e.g., requiring annual workplace violence training for all CUNY employees, Workplace Violence Prevention Training Administrators at all CUNY campuses and the central office) and resources, (eg and) in place to ensure that CUNY is a safe environment for its students and employees.

Gregg, please know that we take the matter of safe workplaces very seriously, in practice and spirit as well as in policy, as I know you do. I wish you every success always.



Vita C. Rabinowitz

Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost

The City University of New York

Nominees for the WORD Blog’s Poster Childs of Workplace Bullying

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Soon to be announced.


Attention Jay Roman, Chair D:F/M, CUNY

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Cory Booker, U.S. Senator from New Jersey, has, according to a Facebook post, inadvertently impugned the ethos of the department that you chair. I thought you should know. Don’t hesitate to pass the word.


I Love Leonard Levitt’s “NYPD Confidential” Column

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Kelly Whines It Up

December 23, 2013 – If, as Gilbert and Sullivan wrote, a policeman’s lot is not a happy one, pity poor Ray Kelly. After 12 years as the longest-serving and most powerful police commissioner in New York City history, Kelly feels he is departing One Police Plaza misunderstood and unloved. Read full article here.

Really Good Personal Account About Workplace Bullying

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

The New York Healthy Workplace Advocates is planning more videos like the one above. Support S3863/A4965 – The NYS Healthy Workplace Bill. Click here for more info.


By Gregg Morris, a tenured professor in Hunter College’s Department of Film and Media Studies, which has a significant problem with workplace bullying, also known as Academic Bullying.




More About Health Healthy Workplace Bill (S3863)

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Sent [to D:F/M Colleagues]: Thursday, June 13, 2013 9:17 AM

To: New York State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein []
Temporary President and IDC Coalition Leader

I am a tenured assistant journalism professor at Hunter College and I am writing to ask you to put Healthy Workplace Bill (S3863) on the Senate Finance Committee agenda before the legislative session ends.




More About NYS Healthy Workplace Bill S3863 (Workplace Anti-Bullying Bill)

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

The email I sent to NYS Senator John DeFrancisco, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, is better than the previous one sent to several senators on the Labor Committee of the New York State Senate. It’s more accurate.

Greggory w Morris
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2013 8:32 AM
Senator John DeFrancisco []
Dear Senator John DeFrancisco, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee,

I am a tenured assistant journalism professor at Hunter College and I am writing to ask you to put S3863 on the Senate Finance Committee agenda before the legislative session ends. The workplace bullying that I have witnessed and experienced at Hunter is the most profane in my journalism career as a reporter and teacher.



Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Many articles in the works.



Hunter Public Safety Up to Its Old Yes-No Tricks

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012
Hunter Security Officer telling student that he can't videotape on school property

Hunter Campus Safety Officer  telling student early in the start of the fall semester  that he can’t videotape on school property.

Should the Princeton Review be alerting prospective film, art and journalism students that Hunter students are subject to harassment if they try to take pictures and video on campus?


Attention Professional Staff Congress President Barbara Bowen

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

It appears there are issues with your PSC Chapter Chair at Hunter College. Has she lost her way?

Hunter College PSC Chapter Chair Trying to Intimidate Colleague at a Department Meeting.