Attention Professional Staff Congress President Barbara Bowen

It appears there are issues with your PSC Chapter Chair at Hunter College. Has she lost her way?

Hunter College PSC Chapter Chair Trying to Intimidate Colleague at a Department Meeting.

President Bowen, you should ask your PSC Chapter Chair about the following.

Department of Film and Media Studies Colleagues & Staff have been using and trying to use the Hunter College Violence in the Workplace Committee and Hunter College Security to stifle dissent, intimidate Colleagues & Staff who don’t share their values and opinions.

A perversion of Academy decorum took pace February 8 when Hunter Security was called to remove a staff member from the first faculty meeting of the semester because A Colleague of Ill Repute didn’t want the staff member speaking at the meeting.

Your Self-Appointed Doyenne of Academic Freedom and Espouser of PSC Values and Academic Freedom and Civil Rights and Women’s Rights and First Amendment Rights and that Whole Patina of Rights-Rights-Rights seems precariously wobbly on a precipice of deceit. Gods forbid if sentient Colleagues (outside the Department of Film and Media Studies, of course) begin asking, QMfE: “Where was HC-PSC-CC when all this [above] was happening?”

Again, thought you should know,

G Morris
Assistant Professor


In the picture below, the PSC Chapter Chair is making a declaration that is false. Such dishonesty from a faculty member could, it is believed, have a negative affect on students swayed by those words. Don’t you think? It’s understood that she has issues with President Raab. Deceit, however, can undermine her integrity.

You might want to read this very revealing article by WORD Senior Editor Colleen Siuzdak about the fracas that concerned the Chapter Chair so much many months ago. Click here.

Readers concerned about the veracity of the comments above should read "Postmortem: The Children's Learning Center Debacle" at

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