About the WORD

This started as a  dynamic experiment to teach  journalism as well as  a significant resource for helping students get internships and jobs in journalism and media. Received several grants, more than a half-dozen from Hunter College, one from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, the Independent Press Association of New York (which became New York Community Media Alliance before that went out of business) and the FORD Foundation, the latter providing funds for an experiment with a multimedia, ethnic news reporting project for undergraduate students.

Constantly evolving. It works closely with New America Media and networks with other journalism organizations.

The WORD is an advocate of progressive journalism and a staunch advocate of student journalism, and more than any other faculty- or student-operated news media at the College and the City University of New York, has been in the vortex of the most contentious battles and issues regarding teaching, writing instruction and academic freedom. And it prevails.

Gregg Morris can be contacted at gmorris@hunter.cuny.edu.

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