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More Gearing Up for the Semester

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Journalism Handbook for Students:

Journalism students enrolled in courses taught by Professor Gregg Morris are regarded as members of a community of scholars. Scholars push forward the boundaries of knowledge; respectable student journalists serve their public and their communities by seeking and reporting the facts as accurately as possible. Good journalists and scholars share a commitment to the same principle: integrity in their work. A doctor’s ethos is, “do no harm.” For journalism students, it’s “tell the truth.”

The handbook I’m using in class this semester is based on the handbook developed by NYU Professor Adam L. Penenberg who makes it available to other instructors via Open Access License. It has been abridged for students writing for the WORD.


Mayoral Candidate Bill Thompson Gives a Thumbs Up to the WORD’s Jonathan Mena

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Democratic Mayoral Candidate William C. Thompson and Senior Editor/Producer Jonathan Mena crossed paths in August, 2008, after Thompson, New York’s City Comptroller, invited him and other CUNY student news journalists to his office for an official chat. And today one of Thompson’s media staff members twittered Mena that Thompson will be at Hunter October 22.

He twittered Mena after the senior editor/producer twittered this today:

More about this breaking news later.

A Pithy But Soft Rant About the Value of Real-World Journalism Assignments for Students

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

A former WORD writer is a Deputy Press Secretary for the Manhattan Borough President. She was introduced to politics via an advanced reporting class assignment several years ago when she was a student at Hunter and was required to contact her elected officials for her article. She was persistent about getting her phone calls returned and being treated with respect. She eventually visited the office of a New York State senator to accentuate her seriousness. It’s not easy being a serious student journalist.


Hannah Levine at L Magazine

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Levine – editor for the Hunter Envoy, writer for, blogger at, former writer for the WORD this past semester – is interning this summer at L Magazine. Here is her first review there, Sexy (and Sexist?) 90s New  York.

Jonathan Mena & Jacqueline Fernandez With NAM – Uh Oh!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

This is amusing. After reviewing and then publishing on the WORD their Youtube production about the gay rights rally in New York City November 15,  I told Jonathan Mena & Jacqueline Fernandez that they were doing too much breaking news and that they should focus on more in-depth stuff for their YouTube broacasts (and for their portfolios).

And guess what? New America Media put their production efforts on its front page.* This is exciting. I, with several years of journalism experience and two books and tons of related experience, told two student journalists that I thought what they did was good but they could do better and NAM decides what they did was front-page news.

I love it.

And will address “it” in subsequent posts.


*This hit NAM’s first page November 16. By tomorrow, it might be in the archives.

Advanced Reporting (MEDP 293), Feature Writing (MEDP 299.47)

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008


These classes weren’t as organized as they should have been (too many departmental distractions for the instructor) and too many students in the poorly under-enrolled classes weren’t prepared, that is, their introductory news classes hadn’t prepped them for advanced courses. That’s been happening a lot.


Senior Editor/Producer Jonathan Mena And Writer/Reporter Kisha Allison at the New Hampshire Primaries

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

They hit New Hampshire running, arriving Monday, January 7, in South Boston, via Amtrack, and then hopping a bus ride about an hour later to Manchester where they were hoping to catch up with members of the Independent Press Association of New York (soon – we’re talking days – to become known as the New York Community Media Alliance) which had arrived about an hour before them.