A Pithy But Soft Rant About the Value of Real-World Journalism Assignments for Students

A former WORD writer is a Deputy Press Secretary for the Manhattan Borough President. She was introduced to politics via an advanced reporting class assignment several years ago when she was a student at Hunter and was required to contact her elected officials for her article. She was persistent about getting her phone calls returned and being treated with respect. She eventually visited the office of a New York State senator to accentuate her seriousness. It’s not easy being a serious student journalist.

So, someone from his office called her back later and offered her a job.

I am posting this item as another reminder of the importance of requiring journalism students to engage in real-world journalism. Based on the years of attempts by colleagues and department chairs in D:F/M trying to co-opt, usurp and take credit for what this instructor was doing with real-world-J assignments, one would think that they would embrace the concept lovingly.

Her name is Victoria Nee-Lartey. I hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning her.

I have scores of other examples. Scores.

I kid you not.

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