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Jonathan Mena & Jacqueline Fernandez With NAM – Uh Oh!

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

This is amusing. After reviewing and then publishing on the WORD their Youtube production about the gay rights rally in New York City November 15,  I told Jonathan Mena & Jacqueline Fernandez that they were doing too much breaking news and that they should focus on more in-depth stuff for their YouTube broacasts (and for their portfolios).

And guess what? New America Media put their production efforts on its front page.* This is exciting. I, with several years of journalism experience and two books and tons of related experience, told two student journalists that I thought what they did was good but they could do better and NAM decides what they did was front-page news.

I love it.

And will address “it” in subsequent posts.


*This hit NAM’s first page November 16. By tomorrow, it might be in the archives.

The Convention Ends, the Semester Begins: An Instructor’s Lament

Monday, September 8th, 2008

I had to send the following email to the WORD Special Correspondents who were in Denver August 24-28. They are so hot, like heat seeking missiles, that I got wrapped in the wakes of their planning strategies to try to continue reporting on the election like they did in late August. Uh oh.

I can’t:

From Left to right: Kisha Allison, Jonathan Mena and Jacqueline Fernandez.


“I started the journalism school at Columbia University last week and …

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

 … it looks like I will have a very busy year. Right now the first class is a three-weeks intensive reporting training class and while my reporting professor was describing the class I couldn’t help but remember the hardest class I took at Hunter: Advanced Reporting!

Aida Alami, Hunter alumna, former WORD writer