“I started the journalism school at Columbia University last week and …

 … it looks like I will have a very busy year. Right now the first class is a three-weeks intensive reporting training class and while my reporting professor was describing the class I couldn’t help but remember the hardest class I took at Hunter: Advanced Reporting!

Aida Alami, Hunter alumna, former WORD writer

For the benefit of students considering journalism careers at Hunter College, I’m posting this email from one of my former students. She continues about her first class at Columbia:

The first words coming out of my professor’s mouth were: Take good notes, go to community board meetings, talk to neighborhood representatives, write down all the information on sources, etcetera. You should tell your students who are interested in careers in journalism to take your basic and advanced reporting classes. They are, I think, the two only classes that try to prepare students to be journalists.

Advanced reporting was a real challenge but I just realized that it gave me the tools to work in a professional environment. The J-School at Columbia works like a newsroom and its masters degree is a professional degree rather than an academic one.


So, Hunter students serious about journalism and media internships and careers should consider Advanced Reporting, Media 293, until something better comes along [but they shouldn’t hold their breaths].


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