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Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter – New York Times

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Blogs were once the outlet of choice for people who wanted to express themselves online. But with the rise of sites like Facebook and Twitter, they are losing their allure for many people – particularly the younger generation. — Verne G. Kopytof, NYT, February 21.

Blogging’s soaring popularity reminded me of the mass appeal of  Citizen Band Radio when it was hot. Everyone had a handle. T.B. Knight was my moniker. After a while the sizzle faded. The amateurs had had enough. And the airwave returned  to the highway cops and the truckers who were using it before its mass appeal.  QMfE, “The same thing’s going to happen to blogging,” I told my students.


Twitter … Who Goes There?

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

I’m experimenting, of course, with so-called social networking media for what they have to offer Journalists and J-instructors and students. Also, I’m racing to keep up with their next arc. Thus, the WORD twitters at The “experts” say that those who want recognition as serious bloggers (so that they may exert influence and, for me, to teach students how to exert influence), have to blog frequently.

Exert influence? Just another way of saying disseminating information (which can exert influence).

And, hopefully as well as strategically, the blogs contain content and information and wit. And, if they falter, at least the effort can help satisfy that yearning to try. Right now, I’m wrestling with writing and rewriting and rewriting the rewrites of “Do Not Remove Any Documents!!!” – a series about the perversion of core Academic principles in a certain department at Hunter [-:)].

It’s an ongoing project using empirical research, ethnography and in-depth and guerrilla journalism. Because of the demands of that effort, the constant need to revise and revise, I seem to be resorting to posting quick takes which, I hope, will provide “content and information and wit” in keeping with the advice of “experts” while I rush to get DNRAD!!! ready.

Mind boggling irony: Bulletin Information Older Than the 9/11 Rubble

Mind boggling irony: D:F/M Bulletin Information Older Than the 9/11 Rubble

So, here are some observations and comments about Twittering.