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I’m experimenting, of course, with so-called social networking media for what they have to offer Journalists and J-instructors and students. Also, I’m racing to keep up with their next arc. Thus, the WORD twitters at The “experts” say that those who want recognition as serious bloggers (so that they may exert influence and, for me, to teach students how to exert influence), have to blog frequently.

Exert influence? Just another way of saying disseminating information (which can exert influence).

And, hopefully as well as strategically, the blogs contain content and information and wit. And, if they falter, at least the effort can help satisfy that yearning to try. Right now, I’m wrestling with writing and rewriting and rewriting the rewrites of “Do Not Remove Any Documents!!!” – a series about the perversion of core Academic principles in a certain department at Hunter [-:)].

It’s an ongoing project using empirical research, ethnography and in-depth and guerrilla journalism. Because of the demands of that effort, the constant need to revise and revise, I seem to be resorting to posting quick takes which, I hope, will provide “content and information and wit” in keeping with the advice of “experts” while I rush to get DNRAD!!! ready.

Mind boggling irony: Bulletin Information Older Than the 9/11 Rubble

Mind boggling irony: D:F/M Bulletin Information Older Than the 9/11 Rubble

So, here are some observations and comments about Twittering.

I am trying to come up to speed on its idiosyncrasies, which had included surprises like LoriGrimes39.

I was never following Lori, and she’s no longer following me. Our strings never crossed. In fact, she’s been quarantined in Twitter’s version of the Bermuda Triangle and that quarantine piqued my interest. That is, there is evidence that she was once here – here being Twitter – but attempts to follow up with her, as journalists do in order to get to the bottom of things, ended with the knowledge that she was no longer here and unavailable for comment or stringing. I wonder what attracted her to the WORD since I am (it is) primarily interested in networking with journalists, news media types as well as Civil Liberty organizations like NYCLU, The Center for Constitutional Rights and others and not Lori-types, though I certainly don’t condemn those who would prefer following Lori over the WORD.

So, I’m nosy about this Who goes there?

… because the here not here keeps me from questioning Lori about her reasoning for following the WORD (when she did, that is). Did she have the right to appeal?

At first, when I started getting Lori-type messages, that is, insipid, unimaginative porn, I moved on like I suspected every other twitter-er was doing (some/many possibly in search of better porn). The other social networks seem to have stopped insipid, pornographic flotsam and spam at the gates.

Nevertheless, before Twitter, Who Goes There, was a sci-fi-horror short story (AKA a nouvella) that evenutally became The Thing [the ’50s version by Don Siegel  and the ’80s by John Carpenter]. I loved both. Such films, I like to believe, prepared me for a life in which a lot is not what it appears to be or claims to be. D:F/M is an example (though I’m trying to help it, if not me, by outing the rot).

Back to Twitter. I blocked AnneGibbs. No explanation necessary …

Blocked That's For Sure

Anne Bye Bye

… yes …

A long time ago, I discovered one of my students was a regular free-lancer for S&M magazines. She was serious and she got paid. And, yes, we discussed the possibility of her writing one or two pieces for the WORD but I can’t recall now why it never happened.

Well, that’s it for now about the WORD and Twitter. Consider “it” a commercial break. I need to focus on DNRAD!!!

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