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Response on Hunter-L to Colleague Larry Shore’s Hunter-L Whining About Alleged Violation of Listserv Rules

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Posted by me on Hunter-L Thursday, March 6:

I’m told by a H-L Honcho that my post is in violation. I’ve requested a meeting. But I have to say this to the list:

1) It’s absolutely silly that I can’t mention the name of a prominent public figure, the Hunter College PSC Chapter Chair, conducting a very public jihad, apparently using whatever means she believes is at her disposal, including Hunter-L (such as linking to the Chronicle of Higher Ed). See this other link to a WORD news story for context, reference:  (Postmortem: The Children’s Learning Center Debacle).

Regarding this PSC Chapter Chair vs. Hunter College President, or PSC Chapter Chair Barbara Bowen Proxy vs. Hunter College President, it should be obvious that this is more than a domestic D:F/M matter AKA “department politics,” which supposedly can’t be recognized, addressed nor criticized on this listserv even though the rancor has moved beyond department and campus boundaries. It’s approaching critical mass.

2) As for “department politics:” In a meeting a while back with the Provost, I was told that the administration was concerned about the image of the department. At one point in that long meeting, I was told to contact the Acting Dean of Diversity and Compliance, and together he and I were to contact the CUNY Dispute Resolution Center ( Note: There are Colleagues who have said at department meetings that there is no rancor and no concern on the part of the Administration.

The rest is in the attachment.