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Real-World Journalism

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

There’s been a lot of whining and sighing about the demise of print newspapers. No tears shed here.  They ignored the Oracles warning of the Darwinian consequences if they didn’t clean up their act. The same fate should befall those journalism programs that don’t engage their students in real-world journalism.

The digital journalism tsunami is here, has been here and is continuing for those who don’t know. But you wouldn’t know that in light of the undergraduate journalism curriculum at certain higher ed institutions. Students are posting on CNN’s iReport, including one of mine whose uploads get special treatment. There are other sites gobbling up the potential as soon as it appears.

Mohamad Bazzi

Monday, July 13th, 2009

This former Newsday Middle East bureau chief is a former student of mine who is an Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations and is also an assistant professor at NYU. I came across his keynote 2009 speech at the City University of New York Baccalaureate Commencement exercise while researching the Do Not Remove Any Documents!!! project. He told the assembled students and families and friends great war stories.

But I know of two he didn’t discuss about his experiences as an undergraduate student journalist who was paying his way through college with freelance fees earned at Newsday as well as with journalism scholarship and award money he had won. He often tipped me off so that I could clue other student journalists trying to jumpstart their careers while working their way through Hunter.

[It’s easy to say that he has contributed to the journalism experiences and careers of Hunter students more than many if any of my colleagues in D:F/M.]

All of his war stories – those told at the commencement and the two that I describe below – attest to his remarkable aplomb in the face of adversity.