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Propublica Blog: BP’s Spill Plans Had Few Ways to Stop a Blowout

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

By Marian Wang and Sasha Chavki

Containment domes, top hats and top kills. By now BP and the government have tried to stop the growing environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico with a series of different techniques, each with an odder name than the next.

But where are all these ideas coming from, we’ve wondered. Did BP or the government have plan in place in the event of a blowout?

The answer, so far as we can see: No. None of the documents and plans we’ve been able to find have details on how to deal with a blowout.

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PBS NewsHour Finds Drilling Critic

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Peter Hart writes, “We noted last week that the PBS NewsHour’s coverage of the Gulf oil disaster one night included a one-on-one interview with a spokesperson from BP. Going through the show’s coverage since then, a remarkable fact emerged: The show had not interviewed an environmental advocate opposed to the White House plan to increase offshore oil drilling. The reticence to talk about this obvious policy angle was bizarre – though not at all limited to PBS.”