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Could Andrew Sullivan of the Dish Be a Soulmate?

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

As if he was reading my mind: 

When I first stumbled into blogging over 12 years ago, it was for two reasons: curiosity and freedom. I was curious about the potential for writing in this new medium; and for the first time, I felt total freedom as a writer. On my little blog, I was beholden to no one but my readers. I had no editor to please, no advertiser to woo, no publisher to work for, no colleagues to manage. Perhaps it was working for so long in old media that made me appreciate this breakthrough so much. But it still exhilarates every day. [Full Column here]


Attention Savvy, Enterprising Journalism Students: “Programming for Everyone”

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

I posted the following on Hunter-L, the College listserv:

Someone has been posting notices in the North Building about this course, “Programming for Everyone,” CSCI, 133, Registration Code: 5020. Only 23 seats. Summer session.

I strongly suggest savvy, enterprising J-students to enroll ASAP if possible. A brief description from – “If you’re in any of the sciences or maths then you know you’re going to write some programs eventually, and, if you’re in the arts, then you want to create new media.”

Whoa! Sounds like a prescription for journalism students, especially those with entrepreneurial instincts. It’s only a matter of time before serious journalism programs start considering programming instruction (uh oh, turf war) for their best students.

Hop the wave now before the stampede. Can’t get in the class? Do the minor later on.


WORDPRESS has shown me the way.

D:F/M – Ethnic News Reporting: 399.31

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Because Blackboard at City University of New York is down* (“Blackboard Down” makes me think of Ridley Scott’s and Mark Bowden’s Black Hawk Down, about a crash-and-burn crisis ever there was one), some  D:f/M instructors are hawking their “wares” to students on fm-l and, of course, a teeny-weeny few like me hawk on Hunter-L as well:


This experimental class uses multimedia via the WORD, Youtube, podcasting, blogging, twitter, facebook, myspace, et. al – to teach students how to tell and disseminate stories about issues in immigrant and ethnic communities.


Jonathan Mena’s Coda for the Democratic National Convention

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

— From Jonathan Mena:

The Presidential race for the White House has become the most watched and anticipated election in the world.

All eyes will be on America come this November as recent polls show that the race will be a neck-and-neck battle. This election will be history in the making and the WORD will be there to report thanks in large part to New America Media, NAM, a national collaboration and advocate for over 2000 ethnic news organizations, The Ford Foundation, which provided a grant for a multimedia ethnic reporting project that includes the WORD and of course Professor Gregg Morris who is a master at knowing what buttons to push to get a job done.