Jonathan Mena’s Coda for the Democratic National Convention

— From Jonathan Mena:

The Presidential race for the White House has become the most watched and anticipated election in the world.

All eyes will be on America come this November as recent polls show that the race will be a neck-and-neck battle. This election will be history in the making and the WORD will be there to report thanks in large part to New America Media, NAM, a national collaboration and advocate for over 2000 ethnic news organizations, The Ford Foundation, which provided a grant for a multimedia ethnic reporting project that includes the WORD and of course Professor Gregg Morris who is a master at knowing what buttons to push to get a job done.



We, the three correspondents from the WORD, will be traveling to Denver in less than a week to cover one of the biggest events in political history. Kisha Allison, a veteran of the political circus that was the primaries. and Jacqueline Fernandez, already a professional journalist in her own right and, myself the “technical support” will make our journey at the end of this week to Denver.

Don’t expect news coverage like what your used to from CNN and FOX. We will provide you the stories not being covered by the majors and will be doing it in words, pictures and video. In the weeks before the big show in Denver, we have been hard at work interviewing delegates that will be attending the DNC so you need to stay tuned as we will be bring you the footage in the week to come.

Thanks in large part to the genius who invented wireless data cards we will be updating pictures and video so frequently that you will think you are watching a movie as we cover events around Denver. We will also be bringing you for the first time in WORD history LIVE video coverage of the DNC viewable on out own blogtv channel

This video blog is not a test [like the earlier one]!

Your main source for getting in the know about what we will be doing in Denver is the; please check the for our daily blog entries, video and pictures posting.

You will see us in Denver!



[Editor’s Note: I’ve been a little slow setting up accounts on this blog for the three special correspondents to the convention. So we are using this makeshift arrangement of me posting their posts until we square things away at a meeting tonight]

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