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Obama’s Embrace, Lukewarm. A Judas Kiss?

Sunday, November 8th, 2009
Thompson's Election Night HQ, Hilton, 54th & Sixth Avenue. Picture by Ashley Carpenter


Sometime deep into the evening of November 3 at the Election Night HQ of William C. Thompson III, NY Governor David Patterson, who had received a tepid applause after he took to the podium, said what needed to be said as a surge swept the Hilton third-floor room that an upset could be in the making as Thompson’s numbers seemed to be growing strongly in the hours after the polls had closed: QMfE, “A lot of Democrats this day stayed home, dropped the ball.” He spoke about an hour before the tenor of the evening, subtle but obvious, began tipping to OMG, he/we might actually defeat the Term Limits billion dollar mayor.

Then, of course, that surge tanked.


2009 Mayoral Race: Low Voter Turnout – Yawn

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

By Jonathan Mena
WORD Senior Editor/Producer

New York City – Reminiscent of this past September’s New York Democratic Primary, low voter turnout is expected for today’s Mayoral race. News outlets in New York have been giving more attention to the Governors race in Jersey than the Mayors race in New York. Although Thompson is gaining on the Billionaire Mayor, according to news and polling information, he will need a Hail Mary toss to beat Bloomberg and his double-digit lead.

What’s to Be Made of This “Positive” News That Thompson Could Dump the Term Limits Miscreant

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

October 29, 2009 press press release printed in its entirety because of insufficient savvy to gauge its significance:

Momentum Continues to Shift to Thompson
Trails by Three Points: 44 percent to 41 percent

Polling completed last week by Garin Heart Yang Research Group, run by pollster Geoff Garin, showed there has been a significant shift and the race has moved closer toward Bill Thompson.