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Obama’s Embrace, Lukewarm. A Judas Kiss?

Sunday, November 8th, 2009
Thompson's Election Night HQ, Hilton, 54th & Sixth Avenue. Picture by Ashley Carpenter


Sometime deep into the evening of November 3 at the Election Night HQ of William C. Thompson III, NY Governor David Patterson, who had received a tepid applause after he took to the podium, said what needed to be said as a surge swept the Hilton third-floor room that an upset could be in the making as Thompson’s numbers seemed to be growing strongly in the hours after the polls had closed: QMfE, “A lot of Democrats this day stayed home, dropped the ball.” He spoke about an hour before the tenor of the evening, subtle but obvious, began tipping to OMG, he/we might actually defeat the Term Limits billion dollar mayor.

Then, of course, that surge tanked.