2009 Mayoral Race: Low Voter Turnout – Yawn

By Jonathan Mena
WORD Senior Editor/Producer

New York City – Reminiscent of this past September’s New York Democratic Primary, low voter turnout is expected for today’s Mayoral race. News outlets in New York have been giving more attention to the Governors race in Jersey than the Mayors race in New York. Although Thompson is gaining on the Billionaire Mayor, according to news and polling information, he will need a Hail Mary toss to beat Bloomberg and his double-digit lead.

Bloomberg, who has spent $90 million of his own money, asked voters “to come out and vote” today.

Polling inside Hunter. Sparse turnout this afternoon.

Polling inside Hunter. Sparse turnout this afternoon.

“Slow, an election worker said, responding to this journalist’s query about the turnout this afternoon at the polling place inside Hunter, at 68th and Lexington Avenue. I stood in front of the booths during lunchtime for 20 minutes and counted only five people who stepped in to cast ballots. The September primaries saw some of the lowest voter turnouts in recent history.

With New Yorkers getting bombarded with political ads from Jersey and our own Mayoral race playing second fiddle in the media to Corzine vs. Christie, the outcome of New York’s race could get interesting as the polls close in a few hours.

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