Bill Thompson Skipping Staten Island and the 11 p.m. Victory Speech

Bill Thompson entering his Hilton Headquarters in midtown.

Bill Thompson entering his Hilton Headquarters in midtown.

By Jonathan Mena
WORD Senior Editor/Producer

Bill Thompson, who spent the day trying to get last minute votes, was surprisingly absent from Staten Island. A communication staff member, who requested anonymity, said Thompson was only concentrating on the boroughs “he knows he will win.” Bloomberg, who has been very present in Staten Island, made sure to visit the forgotten borough today. The conservative leaning borough overwhelmingly voted for McCain in the last presidential election. Was race a factory in that? In this?

Thompson’s communication staff member said it was too late to try to win over Staten Island and that Thompson’s camp knew Bloomberg would take the borough. It is not a good sign f  to give up on Staten Island so easily. With low voter turnout Thompson will need to pick up the other boroughs if he is expecting to win. “We are concentrating on Brooklyn and Queens”, said the Thompson rep. “We know we can win in those boroughs.” Asked if any exit polling was being done, the rep said they will “wait for official notice” once the numbers begin to come in.

Nevertheless, as I waited by the camera riser, I overheard a Thompson rep say, “If Bloomberg doesn’t concede by 11 p.m. Bill will give a victory speech.”

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