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Mentoring Students: A “Blast” From the Past

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Date: Thu 8 Jun 11:41:38 EDT 2006 - This has really been a great year for the journalism students and all the mentoring they have gotten from you is paying great dividends.  Congratulations.

A staff member of the Hunter College career services department


I came across this old email as I was doing summer cleaning of my email box. Mentoring, for me, is characteristics of journalists/J-instructors whom I respect: A primordial urge kicks in when they meet the up-and-coming and want to help, not  as crutches but as mentors. Mentoring is big part of the serious journalism programs, such as those at Columbia University and CUNY’s. That’s what my former students say and they don’t use the word, nope, they describe – effusively – their interactions with faculty and administrators and staff. Some can even cite mentors they’ve met as they started their careers. Mentoring shouldn’t be a big deal.