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Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Marc Beja


I'm the Enterprise Editor at NYU's Washington Square News, and I'm trying to talk to other NYC college newspapers to see if you've been having similar issues dealing with the NYPD (specifically DCPI) as we've been having.

A few weeks ago, I heard about an incident involving allegations of a drunk off-duty officer pulling his gun on two guys outside an NYU dorm. When I pressed DCPI for information, they didn't respond, and said they didn't deal with student press. When I showed up at their office, as I had done in the past, they threatened to arrest me and had me escorted out of the building

Several reporters at the WSN, including myself, have had difficulty working with DCPI when reporting for our college newspapers, although I've had less trouble when working for Newsday, who I freelance with. 

I'm trying to get a poll of how successful other college papers in Manhattan have been in covering the NYPD, and trying to see if this is a problem across the board.