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Rebuttal to a Colleague’s Message [See Previous Blog Post] Regarding “Attention Professional Staff Congress President Barbara Bowen”

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

I sent this message (way below) to Colleagues in the Department of Film and Media Studies as a response to comments sent to them by Colleague Bernard Stein, a Pulitzer Prize winning news essayist. One real piece de resistance he addresses concerns a strategy that Colleagues were considering, for example, to deal with the ethical journalism issues that Colleague Stein raised in his email memo: Pressure the Hunter College Administration into attacking me for the posts about the HC-PSC-CC, and if the Administration refuses, for Colleagues to attack the Administration (in some kind of public campaign, I assume) for not attacking me.

Absurd and bovine reasoning, symptomatic of the kind of thinking of those who assert leadership in D:F/M.

Bullying* and intimidation and harassment are core values in D:F/M, so much so that resolutions of serious problems affecting the department can’t occur. Serious issues pertaining to  principles of Academic Freedom or Journalism Ethical Issues or First Amendment Rights or Civil Liberties or Civil Rights, especially as those  pertain to behaviors and practices and customs in the department.

The message of my response is below.


Vanessa Casavant: Whoa! What Happened to This Former WORD Writer?

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

There are way too many inaccuracies and too much misrepresentation and deceit in this blog-tumblr piece [below] by Hunter alumna Vanessa Casavant for this former mentor-instructor to engage in rebuttals, rejoinders, replies and the lot at this point in time in the early fall semester. For the moment, this writer is collecting her online posts as well as contacting news services who wrote about her quotable and paraphrased whining in their news articles to alert them to the spurious and the specious and that they were snookered.

So, what is this about? Read on.


Must Reading for the 4 Barnacles of the Apocalypse and Other Colleagues

Friday, February 27th, 2009

I am recommending the New York Times’ Stanley Fish February 16 column, Is the Academy Different? for the benefit of the 4 Barnacles of the Apocalypse* and other colleagues confused about tenets and canons of Academic Freedom.


Aida Alami …

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

… is an Hunter alumna who founded the printed WORD, generating a lot of attention at its upstart (but it crashed and burned after she graduated). She is also a former online WORD writer. She just notified me that she has been accepted by the graduate journalism program at Columbia University. She is one of those Hunter alumnae and alumni who is always passing on great tips and contact information to me to be passed on to other students. She would blush at the following: We had interesting clashes over issues journalistic when she was a student leader.