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Open Letter to Hunter’s ICIT

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Dear Instructional Computing and Information Technology Department (AKA ICIT),

Thanks for the years of supporting my efforts to publish the WORD  (despite considerable obstacles). That invaluable service, of course, includes support for my classroom instruction where much of the WORD content is developed, essentially the heart and soul of the project. You may be gone (from D:F/M, that is) but you are not forgotten by this instructor as this spring semester begins.


Riposte: Re Kelly Anderson & Bernard Stein

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

Back in March, 2013, I wrote the post below on Hunter-L. It is a factually correct, straight forward description of the inner workings of the Department of Film and Media Studies. It was revelatory about D:F/M academic debauchery. Colleagues Kelly Anderson and Bernard Stein responded with posts on Hunter-L. I was surprised by their lack of candor in a public forum. And I will need to do another post to address Colleague Stein’s comments.