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Fascinated by Machine Guns, Assault Rifles …

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013


… But Not the NRA

[Journal Square, Jersey City, New Jersey] 


Cop Encounters Can Give Me the Creeps …

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

… It’s the Gun-Thing.

An email to my Advanced Reporting class after a tour at State Supreme Court Civil Division, 60 Centre Street, Tuesday, March 30 — The Deputy Clerk of the Court for years has been introducing my advanced classes to use of the court’s public records. The tours, depending on circumstances, last from 30-45 minutes and many students have benefitted from the tour: Some have been acknowledge for very good work in their internship positions because of their knowledge, others have come across really good stories. The end result, I like to believe, is that they understand the importance of supplementing their reporting skills with research techniques and knowledge, like how to use public records.

I recall how one student, good but not one of the best and not especially interested in journalism, lit up like a firecracker when he learned that he could do background research on Hunter. He used information from a civil suit to confront a former Hunter President about asbestos in the College’s dorms on the lower east side. This happened several years ago. There was no asbestos – the College had done an investigation, according to records – but his confronting the President made for a good story in an Hunter student news publication at at time that students were concerned about what they breathing.



I’m writing this because I might have pushed everyone’s P-Button at 60 Centre Street, Tuesday, March 29 [sic], and want to make a clarification about a comment I made after the tour ended at Manhattan State Supreme Court Civil Branch. I said the group had been shadowed by an armed security guard … 


Police/SWAT: An Ubiquitous Presence at the Democratic Convention

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Special Correspondent Jonathan Mena, armed with digital camera and video equipment, pursued the police as the they pursued protesters exercising their First Amendment Rights. This video blog is part of a major project that he’s working on.