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Encourage College Student Writers to Join the National Writers Union?

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Date: Fri 27 Jun 09:54:07 EDT 2008
From: Dan Connell
Subject: Re: why I quit SPJ — or, why SPJ quit me 
To: “Brasch, Walter” 
Cc: [emails removed] 

Perhaps SPJ members and student writers (at least those who freelance) should consider joining the National Writers Union, which–as a local linked to the UAW–has more of an orientation toward its base while also taking a lead role on issues that affect our freedom to do out work, i.e., the Patriot Act. Check it out:

Dan Connell (member of the NWU since 1981)

This is not a bad idea for serious student writers, however, most journalism, English and creative writing majors are not especially interested in writing careers. Nevertheless, since those in my writing classes are required to publish stories in the WORD, I’m seriously considering, because of this suggestion by Connell, to introduce some more reality planning in my advanced courses.