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REBOOT.FCC.GOV Blog: Future of Journalism, Ad Nauseam Not

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

By Andrew Kaplan

Nicholas Lemann, Dean of the Columbia University School of Journalism, Delivers 2010 Commencement Speech on Future of Media, Excerpt:

The media reform movement, as always, is mainly focused on limiting the power of big media companies and on improving public access. Therefore, its main causes regarding the Internet are universal broadband access, so that everybody everywhere can have fast service, and net neutrality, so that Internet service providers have to continue giving every user equal access to every Web site.

Internet service providers, as always, are pushing back against the media reform movement—and journalists are almost nowhere to be found in the debate. Read entire blog here. is the Federal Communication Commission’s website for discussion on how to transform the FCC into a model of excellence in government.