The Truth Won’t Set Him Free

Below is another unsolicited email from Colleague Larry Shore, a Colleague whose veracity is always questionable in his passionate mission to thwart revelations about the sleaze in the Department of Film and Media Studies, Hunter College, City University of New York. He should be addressing the thuggery that takes place in D:F/M.

This particular email, printed below without comment, concerns: “The lead posterchild[sic] for your campaign has been Tami,” seen here at a department meeting when the Department Chair lost his cool and asked to be smacked: “Hit me,” he asked twice. Tami lost her cool, too.

There is so much prevaricating in the email below, that I will have to wait until classes end this semester to respond to it – if that’s what I decide to do.  Colleague Shore leaves out any mention of the phony Violence in the Workplace Complaint that was one of the results of that meeting when Tami pulled out her teenie-weenie digital camera and starting shooting video. The phony complaint is still resonating. More about that later.

Hee Haw

Hee Haw

Colleague Gold is not the poster child for my petition supporting the New York State Healthy Workplace Bill to make workplace and academic bullying illegal in NYC. But this is true: Too many Colleagues act like thugs and too many support the thuggery. More about this later.

Those complicit in bullying in D:F/M; all but one signed off on a phony Violence in the Workplace complaint. Logo revision in the works.

Those complicit in bullying in D:F/M; all but one signed off on a resolution trying to mitigate  a phony Violence in the Workplace complaint. Logo revision in the works.

From: Larry Shore []
Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2015 12:00 PM
To: Greggory w Morris
Subject: a reality check

Dear Gregg
I am sending this e-mail to you so as to hopefully save you some time and act as a bit of a reality check.

I read your blog regularly and couldn’t help but notice how much you seem to be on this “anti-bullying campaign”and you have been writing stuff about people in the department now for years without anyone challenging you. This vacuum has unfortunately let you get a bit carried away.

The lead posterchild for your campaign has been Tami. I have counted at least 14 times over the last year that you have posted the photograph with caption below of Tami.

I will leave out for now your attacks on “the Four Barnacles of the Apocalypse”, Princess Hee Haw etc. etc.

But Gregg I regret to tell you that this picture and text of Tami that you cite so often is hopeless as a piece of any evidence because it is easily exposed as a manipulated and dishonest image. What makes it that is the text you have added.

Everyone who was at the meeting knows that Tami was not “trying to intimidate a colleague.”

Everyone, including you, know that the “colleague” was you and she was doing the same thing as you were doing- for some reason you both had been advised, or thought it was a good idea, to bring cameras to the faculty meeting to document whatever might happen.

She took a photograph of you and you took one of her. Thats it. She was not intimidating anyone- she was merely trying to document, as you were, what happened. She has a photograph of you from that meeting like you have of her.

For you to pretend otherwise is dishonest and I think you know it.

I welcome you to submit this doctored photograph as evidence of anything to anyone.

Everyone at the meeting will testify to the truth and not one person will agree with your representation of this image.

There is not one drop of evidence of Tami ever trying to bully you about anything. If anything, your ongoing use of this photograph and other materials can clearly be construed, in terms of all the documents you have posted, as bullying.

So give it up Gregg- you are wasting your time.

I also want to state for the record that this e-mail is written unsolicited by Tami or anyone else.

Secondly, I have no particular interest in challenging you, your actions or posts on anything.
If your attacks on FM faculty stopped I would dissappear and you would never hear from me or have my name come up in relation to you. However, as long as the attacks continue I will be responding with the support of FM colleagues.

Hopefully we will reach a point where this will be over and we can just dedicate our time to our teaching and our professional work.

I look forward to that day.


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