Colleague Timmy Says Adios- Part 1

He was involved in a controversial Academic Freedom scandal that shook the academic rafters on this campus and generated a lot of publicity about how D:F/M does its dirty week. And it said a lot about how the administrations works.

[Note to Timmy: Joelle says hi.]

He announced at the last faculty meeting of the semester that he was resigning to return to school. He won’t be missed by this Colleague and he last left an indelible record. Here is one link about the scandal. There are many others on the Internet.

I recall the day he runs into my office, well before the scandal became public, and demands that I help him. He is having tenure problems. He doesn’t provide specific details but it’s clear he’s in a panic. His demand, it wasn’t a request, almost rubs me the wrong way. I had thought he was buddy-buddy with the D:F/M Mafia tinkering with his tenure and, without asking for details, I provide what little advice I had. I think this was one of those lame brother-to-brother moments where I’m suppose to help him because of some kind imagined genetic-genus-historical connection despite his milquetoast Collegiality.

This meeting took place months well before his name was linked to one of the biggest Academic Freedom scandals at Hunter. Nope, he didn’t follow my advice and even if he had, it probably wouldn’t have helped him. After the scandal he got the tenure he thought was eluding him, and then, of course, became one of the chair’s proxies, involving himself as a grade appeals chair in a grade/grade appeal mess that has promise of being one of the most controversial at Hunter when it becomes public. The Senate backed my appeal, not the decision of the committee he chaired.




End of Part 1

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