Boston Globe “Discovers” Workplace Bullying

Hoping that this Boston Globe story – Workplace Bulling Remains in the Shadows – serves as a tipping point if not the tipping point (Malcom Gladwell’s “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point”) for bringing workplace bullying out of the purgatory of no-news-coverage where it’s been sentenced for many years after several years of serious positive reporting by the likes of mainstream corporate news organizations like CBS, NBC and NY Times and other news media. The spirit of #metoo should not be denied.

Will the Globe story about what’s happening in Massachusetts ignite news interest about what’s happening in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire and other East Coast states?

Actually, workplace bullying is in the klieg light of the popular mind but not in the headlines and news reportage where it should be, where it was several years ago when mainstream corporate news media stories were clearly indicating that the passage of the Healthy Workplace Bill was ready to rock the workplace with progressive change. Workplace bullying is certainly in the popular mind of social media The article, despite my picky complaint about “the shadows,” is insightful about why workplace progress was held up by powerful business interests. In New York, the NY Healthy Workplace Bill several years ago had all the necessary votes for passage but was held up behind the scenes by former Speaker of the New York Assembly Sheldon Silver who was demanding changes that would severely weaken the bill.

More about this later.

Wondering what my colleagues are thinking about the Boston Globe story?


Petition Supporting the NY State Healthy Workplace Bill

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