Wooly Bully Update: Banzai!

This message below posted on the Hunter-L and FM-L listservs November 8.

Because of an ally who reached out to American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, my petition supporting the NYS Healthy Workplace Bill to make workplace/academic bullying illegal has shifted into high gear, leading to a propitious moment to revise strategies, from the simple to the strategic. Simple, such as, Wooly Bully Update to be replaced by The Dirty Linen Update: Silence=Complicity.

Strategic. When signature count hits 750 – this month if not this week – Moveon.org, which has been supportive, says it will consider giving it more support. More support means more tools and opportunities to generate support. I’m hoping for a juggernaut. For now: Two radio shows completed; 2 more in the works; two news stories published; several media related events to generate support for the bill, such as a public arts project (insideoutproject.net) being set up by a Massachusetts Healthy Work Place ally for the New York fight is in the works. Tentative, but petition-project promises to be bigger, with absolutely more longevity than, say, that “Tombstones for Democracy” of quite a while ago.

Got a nibble a while back from ABC network. A nibble from the New York Post. More nibbles on the horizon. I want a tsunami. Support from the PSC* & CUNY University Faculty Senate! Should NYS bullies start worrying about paying the piper?
Stay tuned.

Gregg Morris

P.S. Some Colleagues may recall my news media project that generated attention for a Colleague’s “Tombstones for Democracy” way back when: NPR, Spanish-speaking TV stations, local TV affiliates, news stories and a few news briefs and nods, etcetera. The Dirty Linen Project to be much bigger because the stakes are significant, support is burgeoning.

Attention campus bullies wherever you are: Keep those blunders coming!!!


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