Dear New York Legislators – By Neal Deas

Do the Right Thing

Dear New York Legislators, I hope your holiday season is going well, and all your families are doing well also.

Today, I write you as the close of the years is coming upon us. In a few weeks you will be thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions and what you can do personally to improve yourself, your families and your communities. Today, I am offering you all one New Year’s Resolution that maybe you can achieve together, and that is to help pass the “Healthy Workplace Bill” and set a National Precedence on Human Rights and Human Dignity.

You see so many during this holiday are suffering from emotional abuse as they are Victims of Workplace Bullying/Harassment. Many of them are not of the protected classes and fall through the cracks because of laws that have neglected them for too long already.

The sad fact is that every one of you know this, but many still have yet to endorse this bill that has been sitting there and continuously being neglected and you need to take it seriously. You see, I challenge all of you to do this during your well deserved Christmas Break. While you’re with family and friends, ask them this question? “Do you know of anyone that has been bullied at work or have any of you witnessed some form of bullying.

If by the end of your holiday break your really took this challenge seriously, and asked all your family and friends this question, all you hear is, “NO” then don’t vote for this bill, and stand your ground. But if you asked family and friends and at least 1 stated “YES,” it is then your moral obligation to support the Healthy Workplace Bill in 2015.

I promise you this! If you are true to this challenge, this bill will pass because someone you will ask will say, “YES!” You see, I started something different this year than just the traditional gift giving and writing the same donation checks out to an organization which focuses on certain causes, but I never get to see the instantaneous help my donation may bring. Do not get me wrong, it’s a great thing and I am happy so many people do give at this time of the year.

Each year, from this point on I am going to seek out someone that I really believe needs help, and share that with them my friends on Facebook and maybe we can make someone’s life a little easier for at least through the holidays. This year, the person I choose to help was someone that reached out to me years ago when I lost my job at Verizon, when he was still employed at Verizon, and only reached out to me just to say, “I read your story online and I am so sorry to see what you and your family has gone through. I just wanted to email you to tell you that I am going to say a prayer for you and your family.”

Michael Mirsky

And that was it. I never knew this person, nor have we ever met prior to that email. He did this out of his kind heart and I was simply amazed. His name is “Michael Mirsky” and he lives in New Jersey and his story will break your heart. You see, the most amazing thing is that a few years later he became a target of Verizon’s wrath, lost his job and lost everything he had in the process. This person never knew that his job would be in jeopardy years after he had initially contacted me, just to offer me a prayer of hope.

Over that last few years, he lost his position at Verizon (after being bullied at work and having heart complications), lost his family in the process (due to the overwhelming stress it caused), and has fell so far back in every bill he had, but never once lost his faith in God. His home is in foreclosure, he lives in his basement with no heat, just with an electric heater and cannot get the aid he needs because he has a home still in his name, so this disqualifies him for any state and federal aid as he’s over the limit for assistance.

Once making a respectful wage to support his family (wife and daughter), and now much older so he’s basically unemployable because of his age as he’s suffering each day just to make ends meet! He has no unemployment income and is basically living like a homeless person, in his unheated foreclosed home in the basement in New Jersey. I’ve been there and if it was not for my family, and great friends, I would have lost it all as well. I was blessed to have so many great people in my life so I was lucky, real lucky. I want you to watch this documentary on Michael H. Mirsky.

When I was approached by a director on workplace bullying and he was looking for someone to interview, Mike was the first person who came to mind and you will see why! As bad as my situation became because of Verizon as well, my heart broke for this man. So for the next 15 minutes, take a look at this video of another Victim of Workplace Bullying that was directed by my good friend and Filmmaker, “Richard Santiago.”

How many more lives can you allow to be destroyed until you feel it’s time to stop it? You have created laws for people who run a stop sign, well enact this law to help save families and lives in your great state of New York. Isn’t this, what you were elected to do, make decisions to protect your citizens?

Thank you so much for your time and Merry Christmas – Neal Dias (Massachusetts Resident/Victim of Verizon’s Workplace Bullying)

Neal Dias can be reached on his Facebook page, click here.


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