A Very Revealing New York Times Article


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Very revealing?

A few days ago when it seemed that a volcano of caustic criticism was flowing like molten lava against Crosby, I wondered when the accounts and recollections of former employees and staff would join the lava flow.

Bingo! Frank Scotti.

It’s possible more may out themselves. The Times’ article, however, reveals prominent  journalists and writers who had been awarding Crosby with bushels of epaulettes despite what they knew or suspected years ago but were now acknowledging their complicity and craven kowtowing to the thralls of the publicity machine praising the comedian superstar and, I think, tacitly if not directly supporting his denigrating remarks about black people in low income neighborhoods under siege from crime, corruption, police brutality, institutional racism, to name a few).

And that brings me to this:

[Revised D:F/M Logo in the Works.]

[Revised D:F/M Logo in the Works.]

Burgeoning sleaze can lead to burgeoning disclosures.

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