One of the Best News Articles Published in Years About Workplace Bullying

This is one of the best articles published in a long, long time. I’m talking years:
Workplace Bullying: Characteristics Bullies Look for and Why They Bully – by Valerie Robins,
But I think the remedies about fighting back should be more realistic. Most companies and organizations, like Hunter College where I teach in NYC, don’t have policies about bullying and pretend that it doesn’t exist. Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Vita C. Rabinowitz, responding to my petition I dropped off at the office of CUNY Chancellor James Milliken, said there was no need for a healthy workplace policy at CUNY because the University’s Violence in the Workplace Policy was sufficient.

Without going into great detail here, healthy workplace bills specifically address the psychological harassment and trauma that targets/victims must deal with. CUNY’s workplace violence policy doesn’t come close to dealing with that trauma, which recent studies report can cause victims/target to consider suicide to end their pain and suffering.

Also, it is often very, very difficult to find witnesses or a supporters because they too can be targeted. And, third, the writer doesn’t mention what I think is important, that a healthy workplace bill can mitigate the first two problems I described and many more, such as what does one do when there are wolf packs of bullies. Or a culture complicit with bullying. 

NEVERTHELESS, I AM PASSING THIS ARTICLE I KNOW TO EVERYONE I KNOW, especially my Colleague Larry Shore who sends me emails (despite my caveats over the years) insisting that there is no bullying in the Department of Film and Media Studies, Hunter College, City University of New York, and that I am making it all up.



Another link for the article!


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