Should Professors Engaging in Academic Journalism Yet Support News Censorship Be Publicly Pilloried?

... trying to intimidate a Colleague when she was Hunter College PSC Chapter Chair.

… trying to intimidate a Colleague when she was Hunter College PSC Chapter Chair.

Years before the above picture was taken, and before Colleague Gold became Hunter College PSC Chapter Chair, she and Colleague-Distinguished Professor Stewart Ewen were actively involved in trying to censor the WORD, (presently undergoing repairs), supporting the plans and interests of a posse of thugs in the Student Liberation Action Movement who had degraded the operations of the so-called Hunter student newspaper, The Hunter Envoy, [which had been moribund more than 20 years until this Colleague helped raised it from the dead only to see it returned to its moribund state].

They decided that they wanted the WORD for their faux revolutionary plans. They tried. They failed. And the siege began.

Upset years later about the way she and her business partner, Colleague Deputy Chair Kelly Anderson, were portrayed in a published WORD article, Colleague Gold came out again in support of  censorship of the WORD in the course of a discussion.

Tsk. Tsk. More about this later.

But this is an interesting issue since Colleague Gold is leading the effort to resuscitate the James Aronson Awards for Social Justice Journalism, which has been pretty much moribund for many, many years (as in many-many-many). The previous head of the Awards, Peter Parisi, also is on record for supporting news censorship. That’s two in the row.

Ya’ have to wonder how that might reflect on awards. Ya’ just have to.

Peter Parisi

Peter Parisi

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