Dr Phil & Workplace Bullying, Albany Lobbying Could Start in Early February

Gregg Morris, Make NYS Healthy Workplace Bill a Law in 2016 Campaign [noreply@list.moveon.org]

Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 4:32 AM to Petition Signers


Director Richard Santiago, who is working on a documentary, The Bully Exposed, is under consideration to be a guest on Dr. Phil about workplace bullying. It is really important that Dr. Phil understand, that despite whatever counseling and advice he dispenses for bullied guests, as well as the millions who will be watching the show, that a healthy workplace bill is the best means of support for individuals that must challenged their organizations.

Those interested in supporting Director Santiago’s chances of being selected, please send him a brief text message at 413-370-2400. Below is what I texted him. Kristi Hall is to be the producer of the show. Again, I sent my message to Santiago to use.

Hi Kristi Hall. I’m writing with the hope that you will have Director Richard Santiago (The Bully Exposed) on the show you are considering about workplace bullying. The research for his movie-in-the-works makes clear that workplace bullying, as defined and explained by the leading authority on the subject, the Workplace Bullying Institute, is not bad office politics. Office politics is the use of power and position plus socializing to win benefits for individuals and, or organizations. The core of workplace bullying, however,
is about corruption and destruction.

I’m adding this one note. I believe workplace bullying in its form of academic bullying can be more heinous because of its impact on students as tools to be used in the bullying, leading to abhorrent teaching and learning experiences.

Gregg Morris
Assistant Professor
Hunter College, CUNY, NYC

Additional information:
A special lobbying day is being scheduled Feb 8 for NYC teachers and those in education. I hope to provide final details later. Another filmmaker is planning to join the Albany lobbying to meet with Albany elected big shots. Volunteer lobbyists can participate even if they want to be anonymous. NYHWA Upstate Coordinator Mike Schlicht, Activist Kathy Cole of Allfactup and Activist Educator Francesco Portelo are involved.

If you can’t come to Albany to meet with elected officials, you can still participate in the lobbying effort by sending NYHWA a personal account of your workplace bullying experience that will be included in our lobbying packets. Personal accounts will be distributed to all 212 New York State legislators and the Governor’s office.

NYHWA asks that personal accounts be no more than 2-3 pages. Written personal accounts of workplace bullying experiences are an effective way that individuals can make a difference to educate our legislators about the various ways you were bullied in the New York workplace. In your account, you can either state your full name, first name and initial of your last name, or a pseudonym – whatever you are comfortable with. NYHWA has found that including the name or your town adds to the effectiveness of your account, as does including the name of your NYS Senator and NYS Assemblymember.

In your personal account, please consider stating the situation that you faced, the health issues you experienced, what the employer did, or didn’t do, and the financial impact on you and the employer.

You can verify the name of your NYS Senator under the “Find My Senator: section here: http://www.nysenate.gov/find-my-senator .

And you can verify the name of your NYS Assemblymember using the search here: http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/search/

Please consider sending us your personal account of what you have experienced to speak up for the many people who cannot do so due to health issues, potential employer retaliation and unemployment. Be the strength they need to survive another work day! It is your voice and courage that collectively will pass the Healthy Workplace Bill in New York State! Contacting NYHWA for personal accounts: info@nyhwa.org

Gregg Morris
Link for petition.

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