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On bullying in the workplace with guest writer Jessica Stensrud
By Andrew Stewart on December 9, 2015, RI Future. org

When I try to think like most people who haven’t experienced workplace bullying or deny that it even exists, I imagine that when they hear “The Healthy Workplace Bill,” it can sound sort of naïve or even Pollyanna-ish (if that’s even a word).

“What? People need a law in place to FORCE them to be NICE? And what is ‘nice’ anyway? What about competitiveness, aggressive go–getter stuff; all that? Isn’t that normal in business? If you ruled that out, what would you have? A bunch of powder puffs trying to get stuff done.”

No, what I am talking about is there being a law that prevents deliberate acts of complete and intentional cruelty above and beyond anything to do with work. Often times, employees’ time is spent trying to comply with orders that are given, when bullying is taking place, that have nothing whatsoever to do with productivity or the success of the company. It is torture for the sake of torture.

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