Attention Former Professional Staff Congress Chapter Chair @ Hunter College

Note: This was intended for you, Colleague Tami Gold, when you were the Hunter College PSC Chapter Chair. I admit it is late.

Department of Film and Media Studies Colleagues & Staff have been using and trying to use the University’s Violence in the Workplace Committee and Hunter College Security to stifle dissent, intimidate Colleagues & Staff who don’t share their values and opinions.

Hee Haw

Wasn’t it despicable, Colleague Gold, if not a perversion of Academy etiquette, that Hunter 5-0 (AKA Hunter Public Safety) was called to remove a staff member a while back from a February 8 Department meeting because Chair Jay Roman wanted to keep him from making announcements, such as CUNY Central ordering The Hunter Administration to stop Instructional Computing & Information Technology (ICIT) from supporting D:F/M’s Internet servers?

The abuse of the systems administrator and the alleged torture porn sites on the department servers were factors.

[The abuse included the Department Chair ordering the systems administrator to feed the parking meters where the Chair parked his car. For more than a year. On occasion the systems administrator sat in the car waiting for time to elapse in order to feed the quarters. And then there were the office intrusions by student staff members to remove personal property from his office. ]

The system administrator also wanted to announce that he was being transferred from the department to another higher paying position in ICIT, though I don’t know if the administrator was going to speak about the raise.

Do something. Do something, Doyenne of Academic Freedom & Espouser of PSC Rights  & Civil Rights & Women’s Rights & First Amendment Rights and that Whole Patina of Rights-Rights-Rights to which you are identified.

Yes, you’re being called for a herculean task, no doubt, but you are a seeker of the limelight. See picture below. Gods forbid if sentient Colleagues (outside the Department of Film and Media Studies, of course) begin asking, QMfE: “Where was PSC-CC@HC when all this was happening?”

Please pass this message on to the D:F/M Doyen of Academic Freedom who was sitting on the other side of the table February 8 when HC-Five-O was summoned.

Your Colleague
Gregg Morris


You have to start telling the truth. Hyperbole and factual distortion can mislead students to believe that the mauling of facts is perfectly okay.

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