More Thoughts About Colleague Larry Shore’s Request to Post on the WORD Blog – Part I

A copy of his request, essentially a Kinky, Kitschy, Klutzy piece of sophomoric prevarication, is included at the end of Part II. But first, context. Because Colleague Larry Shore’s comments provide insight into The Sleaze That Greases the Wheels.

Revised D:F/M Logo in the Works. Present and former Colleagues.

Revised D:F/M Logo in the Works. Present and former Colleagues.

There was never much promise of a Collegial relationship with Colleague Shore. That was the reality before I was hired.

Seething hostility eventually — and clearly — manifested during the tumult of invasions of my office and classrooms, Academic Freedom attacks and violations and in-your-face altercations with D:F/M Colleagues and staff spanning several years. He carved out a role for himself, as I explain below.

The grading and grade appeal scams were, and continue to be, the conspicuous templates of the incorrigible state of academic debauchery in D:F/M.

The D:F/M internecine debacle became public as a result of my continuing rebuffing attempts by Colleagues to interfere with my operation of the WORD or their trying to wrest control (through various stratagems) or trying to sabotage it through various stratagems). Colleague Peter Parisi speaking in the Lang Auditorium for a James Aronson Awards ceremony once said that the WORD was a department operation. I could have stormed the dais where he was speaking in the Lang Auditorium but I didn’t. I

I published the WORD to teach journalism and for students serious about journalism to compensate for the deficiencies and insufficiencies in the department’s alleged journalism effort. I thought what I was doing would serve as a model of innovation for a department like D:F/M at a CUNY college. Piranha feeding fest, the best words that come to mind as I write this, describe the reaction of Colleagues and others on campus who decided that they were entitled to my accomplishments.

The fight escalated, becoming a campus tempest as personal attacks by Colleagues and their buddies in other areas of the campus were rebuffed. Shore’s replies to my postings about all things bad in D:F/M, made me realize that he was staking claim as D:F/M’s Cerberus of Public Criticisms by Gregg Morris.

Shore signed off on the department’s resolution with the phony and pithy accounting of the day Chair Jay Roman lost his cool and, in a plaintive voice, asked to be smacked – “Hit me … hit me.” A phony violent in the workplace complaint subsequently was filed against his designated champion for the self-flagellation that he couldn’t do himself: Me. The Hunter administration, as it turns out, was supportive of the bogus complaint, its position reflected in its envoy, John Rose, Dean for Diversity and Compliance, who conducted the investigation of the complaint and used it as an opportunity to try to silence my exposés.

Dean John Rose

Dean John Rose

That kind of intimidation by the administration caught me off guard … not just because it was treacherous … but because it also brazenly stupid. I filed a complaint against Dean Rose. More about that later.

It took time developing information to debunk and refute the phony violence complaint, but that didn’t stop the administration, vis-a-vis Dean Rose, to continue its scapegoating efforts until that day that Roman summoned campus security to a department meeting to remove the D:F/M Systems Adminisator who was about to announce some embarrassing information. The CUNY Administration, he wanted to say, had ordered the College to cut off its IT support of the department because of system violations (especially involving the torture porn sites of two Colleagues) and the abuse of the administrator himself (who was subsequently promoted and moved to a safe and working haven away from my dystopian department and its debauchery).

There is more available information about this sleazy affair. Later, however.

End of Part 1




Gregg Morris, editor of the WORD and this site.

Gregg Morris, editor of the WORD and this site.

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