Attention D:F/M Colleague Ivone Margulies

It really isn’t in your best interest to do that Kooky, Kinky, Klutzy stare-down-thing that you’ve done on occasion in my office.

Logo revision in the works.

Logo revision in the works.

Please don’t show up in my office uninvited. That doesn’t mean that you should call ahead. That goes for emails, too. Resist that irresistible compulsion that causes you and other Colleagues to engage in moronic and KKK behavior, such as signing off on that resolution supporting the Department’s false description of events in the faculty meeting of long ago when the Chair lost his cool and asked me to smack him [“Hit me … hit me”]. Followed, of course, by a phony Violence in the Workplace Complaint.

Whose feloniously dumb idea was that?

[I’m not asking you to drop a dime on our Colleagues!]

I thought that at one point you would get the message in that email exchange of not so long ago regarding my Senate grade appeal of the department’s grade appeals committee decision to give a passing grade to the worst cheating student in all my years of teaching (Hunter, Rutgers, LIU, Brooklyn campus). Then it dawn one me: She didn’t get the message.

You should have recused yourself from participation as a member of the grade appeals committee. Nary a response from you nor the grade appeals committee chair, Timmy Portlock, about my request that you recuse yourself. You weren’t the only Colleague whom I suggested to recuse. No responses. So be it.

I’m changing the rules of engagement. My Colleagues who worship on the altar of Moronic and KKK Behavior need to be aware of the new rules. You could spread the word.  Also, I’m working on another blog piece about Colleague Joel Zuker. This one has been a long time coming.

Gregg Morris, editor of the WORD and this site.

Gregg Morris, editor of the WORD and this site.

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