D:F/M Department Chair Jay Roman Running on His Track Record to Help Him Be Re-Elected for a Fourth Term as Department Chair

Jay Roman, Center

Jay Roman, Center

Recalling the controversy, reported on the Hunter College Listserv, Hunter-L,  of staff D:F/M members required to feed the parking meters for Roman's Car pictured here.

Recalling the controversy of D:F/M staff members, as reported on Hunter-L, the College Listserv, required to feed the parking meters where Roman parks his car. That practiced triggered investigations because of alleged union contract violations.

During his three terms as Chair, many things have taken place in the Department of Film and Media Studies, Hunter College, City University of New York.

It’s easy to assume that he is running on a track record though this Colleague has no idea what that track record may be. But it can’t be disputed that the following has taken place in D:F/M during his tenure as Chair.

— Phony Violence in the Workplace Complaints have been filed against department members – that is, one black faculty member and one black staff member who is no longer in the department, thank the gods, and who said that he had been hit with two.

— Enrollment seriously decreased (even though he has said at faculty meetings enrollment was up). This Colleague received an email a while back from the Chair saying that the P&B Committee believed that enrollment was down across the major (film, new media, media studies, journalism) because of the reputation of my class and that I not consider teaching it. I wrote back that a better idea was for D:F/M to tell film majors and others to enroll in the other basic reporting classes.

– The CUNY Chancellor’s Office, because of  the personal and professional abuse of the department’s systems administrator, ordered the College to stop supporting the department’s undergraduate IT systems operation, once the best at CUNY for undergraduates.

– Violations of a contract with the FORD Foundation for a multimedia ethnic journalism grant.

– Department image bad, according to Colleague Larry Shore, speaking at a department meeting a while back.

More about this later.

Department elections take place today.


Revised D:F/M Logo in the Works

Revised D:F/M Logo in the Works


Gregg Morris, editor of the WORD and this site.

Gregg Morris, editor of the WORD and this site.

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