Which Colleague Chaired the Infamous Four Barnacles of the Apocalypse D:F/M Grade Appeals Committee


Short version. Student flunked the class for cheating. She fled to the Chair Jay Roman and was told to file a grade appeal. She wrote one of the most ludicrious written appeals in memory at the time (all in caps) but more about that later when I publish the email intact.  The D:F/M grade appeals committee, overlooking the cheating, gave her credit for the class and, according to its written statement, recommended that this instructor be investigated for harassing her.

The grading decision was unanimously reversed by the Senate Grade Appeals Committee but it wouldn’t act on the scurrilous and defamatory allegation that the instructor be investigated for harassing the student. Because D:F/M has a reputation of predatory sexual allegations regarding female students, this Colleague filed a complaint with the Hunter Ombudsman Office out of concern that the chair of the committee, as clumsy as his writing was, why was trying to allude to sexual misconduct. The Ombudsman, Professor Bill Williams, refused to conduct an investigation. Refused to put his decision in writing. Ignored the complaint that was filed.

More about this later.


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