Van Jones Shouldn’t Have Resigned Nor Apologized

Jones, President Barack Obama’s appointed advisor on “green jobs,” resigned in the wake of incendiary ranting from rabid right-wing news types like Glenn Beck about Jones’ statements regarding Republicans and his signing a 2004 letter suggesting that former President George W. Bush might have knowingly allowed the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to occur in order to use them to go to war.

The New York Times reported that his attackers were savaging him because of his former membership with Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, claiming that he associated with Communists, gods forbid, which, if one thinks about it, is no comparison, even if true, to those groupies of Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh or members of that wing of the Republican Party bent on undermining cherished American traditions and values.

Sure, he left to spare Obama from more targeting, but did he really have to apologize? Jesus Christ! Holy Buddha! Other dieties!

[Read Tikkun Daily Blog by Craig Weisner about Jones resignation.]

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