A Typical Invite to the WORD

Hello, Gregg.

Jonathan Mena [WORD Senior Editor/Producer] has agreed to give a presentation about Film & Media and his Hunter experiences to the Hunter Scholars on Wednesday, 9 September, at 1:15 p.m. in 615 West. Both the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 scholar cohorts will attend.

If you are able to join us to discuss the Film & Media Department and The Word, I would be delighted. Your presentation last year was a memorable one, and it made a lasting impression on the 2008-2009 scholars. Pamela Falk’s Model UN students also will present at this meeting. This summer, they participated in the first Global Model UN in Geneva, Switzerland. Hunter students are doing some amazing things, aren’t they.

FYI: Joelle Gonzalez taught FILM 101 in the Hunter College Summer Institute for Freshmen. His students will be among those attending the Wednesday meeting, too.

Linda L. Carlson
Acting Special Assistant to the President for Enrollment Management
Hunter College of the City University of New York
695 Park Avenue
East Building, Room 1004
New York, NY  10065

Edited for style

I’m seriously thinking of posting LLC’s email to me on the D:F/M listserv. Don’t know yet. I’m also thinking of forwarding a copy to my D:F/M colleagues with this challenge: To all those who have growled, bitched, moaned, groaned and whined about the WORD, I invite you to attend the Wednesday event so that you can participate in a spirited learning experience and, for the pugilistic, we can also have a spirited debate.

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