Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Resigns Because …

… there’s a hobgoblin on her tail.

— Heard her explanation on TV and reviewed published news stories, essentially that her resignation is in the best interest of Alaskans whom she loves.
— Reviewed some jokes.
— Listened to some political pundits (specific names don’t really matter at this point though it must be said that they all look and sound alike).

Quickie Analysis of a Sort: When was the last time an Alaskan news organization of any size or stripe or color won a Pulitizer? A Peabody? A Polk? A national journalism award?  What’s this got to do with Palin? There, she  had only needed to contend with Alaska’s news media. Boom! She was thrusted into national news and American history.  The unprecedented attention opened up the shadowy vistas of her life. Uh oh.

Conclusion: There’s a hobgoblin on her tail. What exactly is probably only clear to her and her closet family members or friends. Here are some guesses. She’s under investigation for a serious crime, said criminal investigation resulting from the massive news media attention that erupted after she was selected as John McCain’s running mate and became a notable chapter in American history.

The FBI reported that it wasn’t after her. So, what about all those other government police agencies dealing with domestic matters, like the IRS? ATF? SEC?

Maybe Letterman freaked her out more than was generally understood, as in, QMfE, “Gee, Dave’s after me? I got to get out of here.”

Or … she just doesn’t have what it takes to be a national figure. She realized that, to her credit, and decided to run – and twitter (according to news reports). I’ll stick with the hobgoblin.

I wish a lot more of her kind would flee into the wilderness. I really do.

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