New York Times Spoof

Note: This info comes via Tikkun – Rabbi Michael Lerner: 

We hope the people who did this spoof on the NY Times and Tom Friedman don’t get sued or go to jail because this is some of the funniest and at the same time smartest things that have come down the pike in a long time.

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Apparently someone (with a lot of money – that same amount probably would have kept Tikkun funded for another few years) – printed a million copies of this bogus issue trying to appear to be the NY Times and had them distributed free throughout NYC. But what is really amazing is not that fact, but what this particular article on Friedman points out – the absolutely disgraceful role that the NY Times plays in spinning the news, whether in foreign policy or domestic or culture or book reviews or the magazine, toward a subservience to the assumptions of the powerful.

More of spoof here.

NY Times Blog About the Spoof.


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