The WORD’s Next MM-Teams


I posted the following yesterday on Hunter-L, the College’s main listserv for college-wide information:

While F/M putters along trying to resuscitate its journalism effort, Advanced  Reporting, Media 293, is about to go multi-media (as part of an ongoing experiment with the WORD).

MEDP 293 will be uploading its first news broadcast in the next 48 hours. MEDP 299.47, what F/M calls Feature Writing, will be following in the next few weeks.

An announcement will be published here on Hunter-L.

This is my way of trying to nudge the Department of Film and Media Studies in a direction away from its narrow-minded perceptions about its students’ talent as well as student journalism. My advanced reporting class is working on stories that will include, of course, moving and still images as well as print stories. And hopefully, we might squeeze in one or two podcasts.

My so-called feature writing class wants to do some podcasts but it has been suggested that students use their cellphones to illustrate “articles” they’re writing about their daily commute to campus. A lot of what they’re doing is mind-blowing.



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