Keith Olbermann & Bill O’Reilly Nose-to-Nose

Missed the scale of this though I came across snippets and currents but too weak to incite enough interest to get clued in.

Had tried to watch O’Reilly years ago when he was starting out but was turned off by his conspicuous lies and falsifications which flowed, not sagaciously like volcanic lava, but as waves of offal from an abattoir uninterested in dishing out the prime.

O’Reilly is easy to rip but is rarely if ever done in the same manner of his broadcasts, by someone of equal magnitude. O’R certainly serves as a barometer for prevailing forces and powers – nefarious, iniquitous, of course – but for now I can only handle distillations like “this” from the New York Times. 

Definitely informative.






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