It Was One of Those Semesters

Below, the first two paragraphs of a very long memo in the wake of the November 10, 2010, faculty meeting.

November 14, 2010

These D:F/M customs that some staff and faculty are entitled to more rights and privileges than others will continue to be this department’s Achilles Heel and the major source for its debacles and ridicule. If Colleague Larry Shores’ comments at the November 11 faculty meeting about the department’s sordid image are to be regarded with any serious thoughts by the Great Minds in the department, they should consider this: There is no pit deep enough, nor any smoke and mirrors thick enough, to hide the sleaze.

For the record, Shore said “poor.” “Sordid” is my paraphrase. These customs are conspicuously reflected in grade appeal decisions because this Colleague has made it a mission to make the conspicuously egregious a matter of public record. These customs are also reflected in other D:F/M decisions and practices just as conspicuous and just as bad, the situations of Rashaan Doctor and Joe Orefice being the most recent.

The Usual Suspects

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