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Someone Has to Defend Goldman Sachs
4/26/2010 by Peter Hart
And that someone is Fareed Zakaria, in columns published in the Washington Post (“Cool the Goldman Rage”) and in the Post-owned Newsweek. Zakaria is unimpressed by the SEC’s fraud case against Goldman Sachs; he likens the firm’s mortgage securities bonds to someone placing a bet against the New York Yankees.
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Can Intent to Commit Journalism Turn a Good Samaritan Into a Felon?
04/27/2010 by Jim Naureckas
I’m having trouble getting my mind around the legal case against Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, who purchased an iPhone prototype that was apparently mislaid in a bar, published photographs of it on the Gawker-affiliated blog, and then returned it to Apple when the company asked for its property back.
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Glenn Beck Thinks Some People Have Gone Too Far
04/28/2010 by Peter Hart
Fox host Glenn Beck has had it (4/27/10) with opponents of Arizona’s new immigration law making analogies to Nazi Germany
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Obama’s DOJ Versus the First Amendment
04/29/2010 by Jim Naureckas
The Obama Justice Department – or at least one of its top prosecutors – is cracking down on investigative reporting without regard for the First Amendment.
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