A Tempest in a Teapot But a Tempest No Less – Part 4

So, I’ve been getting these emails from Adjunct Instructor Cindy Rodriguez, who copies everyone in the department as well as others outside the department, about the anguish she experiences when she reads one of my memos. In one response – copied et al, of course – she suggested that I go file the appropriate complaints with the appropriate bodies and to stop writing acidic memos (which, of course, are based on the complaints filed with the appropriate bodies who either rule in my favor or support my allegations which I believe should be aired) because they pain her so much. She also disapproved of my email about the shortcomings of the Aronson award of which she is associated and so she replied, I guess, to buttress Blanca Vasquez’s cheap shot.

From: Cindy Rodriguez
To: gmorris@hunter.cuny.edu, bvazque@hunter.cuny.edu
Cc: [She copied lots of folks]

Main Entry:
15th century
1 : likely to cause contention 2 : exhibiting an often perverse and wearisome tendency to quarrels and disputes
synonyms see belligerent
con·ten·tious·ly adverb
con·ten·tious·ness noun

Seems like a pretty accurate use of the word to me.


Cindy Rodriguez
Adjunct Professor of Journalism
Department of Film and Media Studies
Hunter College (CUNY)
Mobile: 212-810-1100

The sprawling brawl continues to sprawl. Nevertheless, a reply was necessary.


End part IV of VI

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