Why Are My Colleagues Smiling?


The headline is a sophistical attempt at sarcasm: At the December, 2011, faculty meeting, a member of the Dean’s Office provided some information I regarded as A Handwriting on the Wall, which seemed as clear as day regarding the future of the department, with said Dean delivering dry but masterful backhanded responses to inquiries by Colleague Larry Shore and Tami Gold, AKA The PSC Chapter Chair – AKA A Power Behind the Throne.

They wanted to know, in a collective sense, why no members of the department were invited to participate on a number of school-wide committees focusing on the future of the College; that no funding was coming the way of the department (revealed in Gold’s statement that she was trying to collaborate on a project with Hunter’s public health program and that there was no instructional mullah available).

And the Dean’s rep, without the hint of a sneer,m nor even a wisp of malcontent in her voice, communicated disdain.

Uh Oh.

[The Chair said at a department meeting this past fall semester that the department will not be getting two lines it had been anticipating. Uh Oh.]

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